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Amorphisms Series

Amorphisms explore the distorted and negative self-image, which is constructed and mutated from emotions, lived experiences, and interactions with others. Assuming that these mental images are often false and altered, I am interested in examining mine. When inquiring into my perception, I recognize the body as an uncomfortable and changing mass, as an object that I inhabit and deteriorate with use, a weight that I have to drag like something alien and annoying. This project is the transition from a mental image to a concrete image and starts from a doubt: not being able to identify myself with something that is constantly changing, looking for myself, and finding only a misshapen lump that moves and breathes. My starting point is photography, which allows me to explore my self-image and reconstruct it, resulting in a mass of skins that clump together in space.

I am fleeting Series

Is a project that debates through the photographic image, the importance that humans have assigned to ourselves, and proposes a reconciliation with the reality of our own insignificance. Identity is a concept that is constantly evolving and is shaped by our experiences, beliefs, and relationships. It is a fundamental aspect of our existence that is intrinsically linked to our perception of ourselves. As we navigate the world, we are constantly faced with the impermanence of life, and yet we often invest a lot of energy in how we are perceived by others. Despite our constant efforts to define ourselves, our existence is fleeting. This dichotomy between our need for identity and our impermanence is a constant source of conflict that influences how we perceive ourselves and how we are represented to the world.