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Alec Franco



Alec Franco was born on August 7, 1972, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently resides. He has been a graphic designer since 1995. He began painting in 1991 and in 1993 he attended the drawing and airbrushing workshops of Ignacio Otero. His training continues in the workshops of Abstract Expressionism of Marco Otero, of Essentialism with Heriberto Zorrilla and Helena Distéfano. By 2012 he deepened his technique with Sergio Bazán and later perfected it in the clinic of Fabiana Barreda and that of María Carolina Baulo who was the curator of one of his latest samples Harena. He has been an editor together with other artists, writers, and designers of Hoornik Collection Art Magazine since 2016. He has made numerous samples between 2011 and 2017: at The Redchurch Gallery in Shoreditch, London in 2012-2013; at Stupid Perfection at the Borges Cultural Center in 2013; at the Buenos Aires Design in 2015; in the same year in the Honorable Senate of the Argentine Nation and in the Recoleta Cultural Center of Buenos Aires; the following year at the San Isidro Open Studio. The most recent: Harena, was exhibited at the Newbery Central Gallery and the Esteban Lisa Foundation in 2017.


Nova Series

The artist's works are based on time and on informal aesthetic principles that he chooses to express himself. It is through the presence of color, combined with an abstraction sometimes with tints. Expressionists and many other surrealists, where the work expands in formats and supports (acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal, asphalt paint, synthetic enamel, on canvas, paper, wood, and steel) that transit and overlap crushing apparent figures on heterogeneous backgrounds. The work resists being framed in concepts, it goes beyond the contours and limits of the rational. It is not just a festival of colors, but a mixture and profusion of organic forms with a geometry that is not perceptible. The work generates a sensation of fluidity, of fluids, of movement. the sensation of being in a cellular space, inhabited by atoms and particles, which are in constant motion. This suggests a body space within the body. Some microorganisms and microscopic systems. It generates a sensation of Macrocosm and microcosm. Where the artist asks: are we one or are we all? Are we something unique, or individual, or are we all interconnected or interdependent? How is it that such a small universe in turn reproduces itself in everyone, thus becoming an immense massive universe? How can I understand the movement from the smallest universe to the largest universe? What makes that happen?

Lab Series

Crimson Mirror 

Silencio Series

Circuito Series

  • Circuito #16 A- B (Diptych)_ Alec franco_Acrylic paint on canvas_Abstract_Biology_microorganisms_microscopic systems_colors