With their innovative outlook on art, film, and photography, Hunter & Gatti have established themselves as an internationally recognized creative duo within the fashion and art world, expanding effortlessly from their headquarters in Barcelona to New York City.

The founders and artistic minds behind Hunter & Gatti, Cristian Borillo, and Martin Cespedes have worked alongside one another for over a decade. Working as art directors, they have successfully produced numerous campaigns for fashion brands such as Burberry and Diesel. With this, Hunter & Gatti decided to explore even further the infinite possibilities of transformation by turning something as temporary as a fashion editorial, into something completely different and original; a unique piece of art. Thus, Hunter & Gatti was born. Hunter & Gatti immerse themselves in all aspects of development including creative initiatives, art direction, and photography; ultimately creating a holistic image for each individual brand. Their constant need to revitalize outlooks and perspectives on the world is what keeps their creativity flowing, giving them immense success within both the art and fashion arena.


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Live Forever

In LIVE FOREVER, the all-new series of acrylic and oil pastel on pigment print, Hunter & Gatti engage with the discursive and artistic discoveries of two major pillars of contemporary art. We find Basquiat’s schematic but deeply striking iconography, together with a Warholian study of the mechanical reproduction of an image, where each singular reproduction is made unique by its intervention in paint.

Nothing Stays Still

Series titled "Nothing Stays Still", where they keep questioning the fashion photography industry by creating a new visual identity of their images moving them away from their origin, as a vehicle for testing ideas and as a form of interrogation of the creative process itself, through this series.


Hunter & Gatti wanted to pay tribute to the neo-expressionist Jane-Michel Basquiat's legacy by merging the celebrity portraits they had made in the past for fashion editorials and campaigns, featuring the most iconoclastic members of today's fashion scene, with Basquiat's paintings that transcend the limits of the art world and form part of our collective unconsciousness - just like the famous faces of their photos. Their idea was to create a series of original hybrids that explore the limits of popular culture, reflecting, at the same time, fashion’s on-going interest in the art world.


Hunter & Gatti decontextualized the original photo depicting the otherworldly beauty of Leanna Decker, exploring how it could be transformed into something completely different, yet visually stimulating and concise. In order to achieve their goal, they experimented with different media, cotton rag watercolor paper, blending digital printing, painting and different wax applications to convert their Muse into a fountain of endless inspiration.