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Jose Sierra work is deeply influenced by themes of self-representation and a homoerotic gaze. Through his unique aesthetic, he creates abject staged environments that challenge traditional norms. His art often merges personal identity with broader cultural commentary, as seen in his notable works like "Anti-Personnel Grids" and "Self-Portrait." Sierra's pieces are a bold fusion of urban art and intimate self-exploration, reflecting his dynamic engagement with contemporary culture.

Cuerpo en Tensión Series

El Envuelto Divino Series

Deseo Insular Series

There artist was enchanted by some images he had a relationship with since childhood, working them into iconographies, such as the image of the fisherman carrying on his back a cod almost its size, this composition is complemented with the use of a milky remedy the old fashion multivitamin “Scott emulsion”. These iconic elements he grew up with, in the decade of the '90s, still exist and are a source of resonance, suggesting the artist thanks the location where he twisted up this series. The  "Insular Desire" is a reversion to his past.  Sierra’s ongoing body of work continues to be based around his self-representation from which he addresses a homoerotic gaze through the configuration of abject staged environments that he merges himself within as “a subject of aesthetic creation. 

La Costilla Roja Series

This work is the result of an artistic residence outside his "study”.The artist worked on a different ecosystem, a house of vernacular architecture built in 1913 in the department of Huila, Colombia. It is important to highlight the practice session of watching over and recording each detail of this space to get a correct reading between the aesthetics of the place and the body.