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Koray Erkaya, born in Turkey in 1964, is a photographer and author based in Toronto, Canada. He began his career working as a fashion and advertising photographer for magazines, advertising agencies, and clients. In May 2010, he was invited as an honored guest to take part in a photo exhibition in the “Festival European de la photo de Nu” with the “Don’t Tell Mamma” series.

After 2010, he became more interested in fine art photography and started to work on themed projects that he created through nude photography. After the silent and peaceful protest in Istanbul Gezi Park in 2013, he prepared the photography exhibition “Invacuo” emphasizing the heavy use of tear gas on innocent protestors. The book with the same name was published in the same year.

He has opened 7 solo and 34 combined exhibitions worldwide. Among his well-known series are: Don’t Tell Mama, Self Touches, Invacuo, and TooLess.

Now, he focuses on creating installations such as special 3D frames and infinity mirror installations.

He is a member of AIAP (Association International des Arts Plastique) and an accredited photographer from PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada).



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Don't Tell Mamma Series

Invacuo Project Series

In his new photographic art series, Erkaya revolts against individual and social de-sensitization. In order to address the memory and to increase awareness, he uses “gas” against everyone –without discrimination. He tests his models with gas in the specifically prepared labyrinth made of mirrors. When we see ourselves in the eyes of the models in the mirrors, then we’ll realize the great richness of the “Other.” Without further loss of time and lives, I hope.

TooLess Series

TooLess 3D versions of the photographs of the TooLess series create a miss perception of the human brain. The first layer of the photo texture is formed by very small black and white copies of the same photo and when they all come together it makes the color version of the same photo. The photo names indicate the number of small photos in each panel.

Self Touches Series