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Miguel Winograd artist



Miguel Winograd is a Colombian photographer. After years of graduate study in Latin American History, he completed the documentary photography program at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. His personal work explores the relationship between people and their environment, narratives of social conflict, and the dense interconnections of the Colombian landscape. Occasionally, he prefers to make portraits of trees. His work has been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Mexico City and Bogotá, and published in different media, including The New York Times and The New Republic.


Mareas Series

Cordillera Series

Enjambre Series

The artist looks for a path between tangled branches. Reconfiguring a personal archive of diverse Colombian landscapes, experimenting with a variety of printing materials to reconstruct a whole from these fragments, recreating a forest in the center of Bogotá. Wynograd also examines a historical archive of landscapes, the roots of his own vision. He believes that the old mimetic dream of photography is still alive. These exercises aim to weave a series of visual connections and reflect on the complex web of interdependencies between humans and nature. If there is a light of hope in the midst of overlapping crises, it is the awareness that we all belong to a whole. Perhaps these images can help in that reflection.

Matas Series

Miguel is a Winograd, Vinogradov, of the people who worked or lived near a vineyard, near Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, of fertility, of ritual madness. Maybe these photographs come close to that Dionysian understanding of the complexity of nature which goes beyond the scientific, the distanced, the binary way of approaching meaning. Closer to myth, to an organic means of representing the organic through the chemistry of light. Text by Enrique Ramirez.

Bruma Series

What began as a pretext to exercise MIguel Wynograd's gaze, little by little became a meditation on different intertwined temporalities. The superposition of very ancient times with dynamic and fleeting cycles: from the geological time of formation of those mountains, through the recurring periods of flowering and decay of plant life, to the immediate oscillation of a climate that oscillates between extremes: all stations in a day, sometimes in an hour or less. And at the same time, traces of many pasts persist in a spectral present. Ghosts. Melancholic friars wandering in the fog. Land of deities and demons.

Sin Título Series