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Nat orlowski Artist


Nat Orlowski is an Argentinian artist who grew up in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in the middle of the countryside which introduced her to a profound respect for nature and further developed a deep love for wilderness, flowers, fruits, and human figures in its purest form. Later on in life, she moved to the vibrant city of Buenos Aires to continue her training in drawing, painting, and other forms of art. She graduated in Art, with a master's degree in Contemporary Art.

Her pictorial style is characterized by its broad connection with nature, where she also reflects her own spiritual search. The generous dimensions of her paintings are manipulated with different pigments, inks, graphite, and acrylic. Peculiar figures appear within the stains and the intervention of particular materials such as animals, sea waves, skin in a microscope, human figures, fields full of color, and vast territories bathed in sunlight. For more than 25 years now she has been painting and exhibiting her different forms of art and work in Argentina and abroad in countries like London, Portugal, United States, among others. The artist also advises institutions on art interventions in urban, public, and private areas since 2010. She is also an Advisor/Counselor in the Patronage program of the city of Buenos Aires since 2011.


Registros Series

Impressions of past lives, perceptions of future lives. The Records series carries that mystery. Simple and profound since its deed does not happen on the surface. Although it manifests itself visually, it happens in the depths of the bed of our interior and is found embedded in the soul. What is the mystery of the passion for something that does not happen in my external reality and manifests itself obsessively? Was that the language of unrevealed emotions?
What did I inherit and what did I acquire from these records? How much emanates from that place that I don't know and how much of the collective imagination or of myself? Do not carry out prior research except to silence today so that the past emerges and is projected into the future.
That invades and interrogates. This manifests and in turn, gives peace. I am a channel for something else. Recognize a certain passion transversal to reality and see that we are configured by the brush of the universe, to spend our time on things not traditional and strange to the ordinary. And in these nuances power glimpse mysteries of our unconscious.



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