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Tactile Memory Series

Natasha Zupan beautifully unites the old and new, combining the innovation of her highly crafted technique with her wonder for tradition and the great Masters. This body of work explores the manipulation of surface texture, light, and the interweaving of time. It is not about translating a world that already exists, but about an entrance into a different universe. A timeless, tactile world of sensation and overlapping memory.

Eternal Recurrence Series

She combines images from old masters, alchemical prints, contemporary artists, and bits from magazines and newspapers to create overlapping, intersecting worlds of transparencies and transformation. Colleges allow emotions to converge with the material, the juxtaposition of the past and present in an atmosphere of no time. She seeks baroque minimalism. The work is informed by romance, desire, disillusion, torment, ecstasy, dream, and myth. Her best works are erotic displays of mental confusion, particularly concerning relationships. She usually works in series to emphasize repetition and obsession.