Born in Georgia (USA), Raised in Europe. Combining Renaissance ideals and concepts with borrowed contemporary media images, Natasha Zupan beautifully unites the old and new in her collage work. Yale-educated, and internationally renowned artist, Natasha combines the innovation of her highly crafted technique with her wonder for tradition and inspiration from the great Masters. Her clear, bright brush strokes and play of light and shadow are both rhythmic and youthful. The female figures in her paintings have an undeniable renaissance quality about then, but are reborn into our understanding of contemporary aesthetics. Their classical faces become modern nymph-like when combined with symbols of nature and beauty. Each figurative work harbors a unique and intricate personality. Powerfully expressive, they are at once pure, sensual, innocent yet beguiling.

An internationally acclaimed figure in the art world, Natasha shows annually throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, including a few exhibitions at the Columbus Museum of Art, Georgia​ . The artist has also been a muse for the famous fashion label Larusmiani, Zang Toi and di Liborio as well as being commissioned by Atelier Swaroski to produce a Crystal Chandelier and Mattel to produce a painting about Barbie, to celebrate her 50th anniversary.

Mixed Media

Eternal Recurrence

Homage To Horst P. Horst

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