"Los Infortunios de la Virtud" (The Misfortunes of Virtue) leaves behind a dichotomous trace of manifest sophistication and delicacy, shaped by characters, situations, atmospheres, and objects that constitute a story very similar to a cautionary tale that does not let itself be dragged by something so ephemeral and vulgar as good taste, but to be governed by an irony that always chisels with his intelligent chisel and that serves as a synecdoche argument.

Untitled #10 (female bust), 2016


Armando de la Garza    

Untitled #10 (female bust), 2016

From The Series Of Los Infortunios de la Virtud

Antique porcelain bust with the intervention of oil, gold, silver, leather, and rose quartz by the artist.


Dimensions: 10.6 H x 5.5 W in.

One of a Kind


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