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Estrada works are often monochromatic pencil drawings with overlays of gold paint that depict goddess-like women with a deconstructive visual language.

Untitled, 2015

  • Juan C. Estrada

    Untitled, 2015

    Gold, paint, paper and pencil


    Dimensions: 39 H x 26.5 W in.

    One of a kind

  • Estrada-Duran combines realism and surrealism in his work. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Juan Carlos moved to Miami in 2012 and has been studying art since. With no background in the art industry, Juan Carlos is what you would call a self-taught artist. Juan Carlos trained himself to draw by using comic books and the environment as a point of reference and inspiration. He prefers to use pencil and paper as his medium and loves to sketch black and white drawings some of them with gold accents.. At the moment, Juan Carlos is working at the Soho Beach House and on obtaining his Associates Degree in Arts and majoring in Drawing.


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