Ricky Cohete was born in a coastal city in Ecuador, but mainly, grew up in Miami.  Florida’s light was what drew him in to explore photography. The harsh lights and shadows were easy to encounter in this warm weather. The crisp and refined effect of this type of lighting conditions became a necessity to avoid studio settings. Self-taught; while photographing the ballet dancers in the city of Miami he started dedicating more time to the male form. Working with them outside of their secure space (rehearsal studio) and bringing them outside, on the sand or water, creating a dynamic that kept birthing new compositions. Inspired by the mythology in tarot culture and astrology he has incorporated certain of those elements throughout his oeuvre.

Lately, he has self-published a photography book that included: short poems and sketches titled “Blanco”.


The Alignment 

From the series “The Alignment” which is materialized from video footage shot with two ballet dancers underwater; he is carrying on the theme of water as a source of rebirth and flow.  Inspired by frescos from the 16th century, the artist tells a tale of the ‘current’ emotions.   

Blanco - Sepia

For this series, he used elements such as water (emotions) to narrate a story. He worked with the color Blanco in the fabrics to communicate clarity and rebirth.  Cohete frequently plays with sepia tones on his works, embracing nostalgia from old archival sources. An omen to a desert tinted vision of sculptures sun-drenched illuminated by nature. 

Blanco - Black and White

For this black and white photography series, he used elements such as water (emotions) to narrate a story. He worked with the color white in the fabrics to communicate clarity and rebirth. 


Channeling the energy of “water-signs” in astrology, he captures these mysterious men through a romantic lens. The bosom of the shadows and the light mixed with the gaze on their bodies.

Man and serpent 

Using the serpent as a symbol for rebirth; just like its original meaning centuries ago. The vibrant snake intertwined with the man as omen of its agreement to his eternity. Mirroring the symbols and occult messages from frescos of the Italian Renaissance. Their (man & beast) true connection as *twinflames”.


He uses the vivid contrast of color to add an extra dimension in the movement and shadows of each piece. Almost giving a glimpse, outside of the nostalgia, of his -black & whites- and sepias. Evoking a sense of freedom and liberation.