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Visual artist. Producer for the Mendoza Municipal Museum of Modern Art. Member of the Friendly Platform. I received the 3rd Prize National Salon of Visual Arts 2020/21, 1st. Prize in the Provincial Hall of Visual Arts 2018, 2nd. Prize in the Máximo Arias Photography Salon 2017, 1st. Salón Vendimia de Fotografía Award 2009. I received Scholarships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, and the Provincial Fund for Culture, among others. Carry out work analysis with Fabiana Barreda, Esteban Álvarez, and Ananké Asseff. My work was part of the celebrations of the bicentennial of Argentine independence in the exhibition "Congress of Tucumán, 200 years of Argentine Art". Make individual exhibitions among which the Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (San Juan. Arg), Pumapungo Museum (Cuenca. Ecuador), Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum (Guayaquil. Ecuador), Mendoza Municipal Museum of Modern Art stand out. (Mendoza, Arg). I participated in collective exhibitions, among which the following stand out: The original brand (CCK, Buenos Aires 2019), Political Poetics (Parque de la Memoria, Buenos Aires 2016), Dura lex sed lex (South Biennial. Parque de España Cultural Center, Rosario) . With the support of the Argentine Culture Fund, I published the book "Rodrigo Etem / the flow of everyday life in images and actions" with texts by Roxana Jorajuria. Some of my works are in public and private collections (Gustavo Bruzzone, Hugo Albrieu, MMAMM Collection, Fundación del Interior Collection, Mendoza Provincial Ministry of Culture Collection, among others). I showed my work in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia and Taiwan. Graduated from the Faculty of Social and Administrative Sciences, 2002. Currently, Performance is a researcher and producer at the Mendoza Municipal Museum of Modern Art Member of @plataformaamiga, a virtual and affective space that promotes different instances of meeting, dissemination, visibility, training and exchange of contemporary art on the Mendoza scene.


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All the faults of the world

In recent years -through the use, production, and appropriation of content hosted on the net- The artist has been developing a body of work that aims to resignify narratives from the files.

The series "All the faults of the world", 2021/23 are digital prints printed on Hahnemuhle smooth canvas. The Images are taken by Google Street View (GSV) users that cover a 360º viewing angle and are captured to show everything that is around the subject taking the photograph. These images, uploaded to the application (GSV) are geolocated at the precise point where they were taken so that other users can access them. Due to involuntary human errors in the capture, a small percentage of these images present anomalies because some fragment does not have a record, and a void is produced in the image and an opaque figure without representation. The entry of these anomalies into the system interferes with any attempt to full representation of the world. Motivated by this, the artist in the game "travels the world" from the app, looking to build my collection of failures from around the world.



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