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Victoria Cohen photographer artist



Victoria Cohen is an American photographer she lives and works in New York City and Paris, France. Her practice is in fine art, portraiture and motion film. Born and raised in New York City, she attend Parsons School of Design at the New School Cohen’s images convey an enigmatic vision of ordinary life and the use of interior and exterior space. A sense of romanticism and nostalgia pervades much of Victoria’s work, with an emphasis on the connection between the human condition and its environments. Growing up in New York City and traveling to many locations around the world influenced her decision to become an artist and have the camera as her medium. Cohen’s very intuitive process leads her to approach her projects, resulting in imagery that is very personal. She feels something of herself in every photograph. Her work takes her to people and places throughout the world and informs the visual language that is her singular vision. In 2013, Cohen’s fine art photography book titled Hotel Chelsea received worldwide acclaim upon its publication, as featured in: New York Times, Architectural Digest, W Magazine, Crains, Fast company, among many publications in the United States and Europe. Cohen’s work is held in private collections across Europe, South America, and the United States. Her portraits had appeared in Harpers Bazaar, Interview, German Elle, and other publications. She is currently working on her next photography book and a documentary film in Paris and New York.


Hotel Chelsea

These extraordinary photographs are part of the  the Hotel Chelsea series. The Hotel Chelsea closed its doors for the first time in its iconic history of over one hundred years. American photographer Victoria Cohen exclusively photographed the hotel’s original interior before it’s closure for a redesign and complete renovation. Cohen’s photographic journey through this mesmerizing and extraordinary place, that possessed not only the contents of an era gone by but a palpable feeling of being transported to a time and place of this Bohemian Mecca. The result of which produced these evocative and ambitious collection of fine art tableaus. For three weeks everyday Cohen was not only photographing the rooms and halls, but experiencing a feeling of overwhelmed emotion walking the in the spaces that had been inhabited by legendary figures of the arts and culture such as Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas, Andy Warhol and so many more that called these rooms home throughout its storied history. Uniquely, Cohen, with the personal insight and exceptional vision to see the extraordinary, was able to transcend the concept of an interior space as an environment filled with inanimate objects, and redefine the subject matter into individual portraits that evoke a feeling of intimacy. This prominent body of work casts the historic landmark through the lens of the twenty-first century, exhibiting it as it has never been seen before, and will never be seen again. In 2013, this monumental project was made into a world renowned fine art photography book entitled Hotel Chelsea, published by Pointed Leaf Press.



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