Andrés Ferrandis was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1965 and is a Masters in Fine Arts at the Universities of La Laguna, and Seville, Dept. of painting. From 1992 to 1997 produces an abstract/figurative work based on introspections and self-discovery. 1997, lives in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) and begins to develop his first series of paintings based on light, color and the moments within them. 1998, moves to Mallorca, where he researches into the structural elements of painting. 1999, travels to La Habana (Cuba) where he furthers his knowledge of silkscreen techniques and its possibilities into painting. 2000, moves to Costa Rica, originating a turning point that transcends the rigid parameters on the concept of nationality, and is simultaneously inspired by the immediate environment. 2001 and 2002, lives between Madrid, NY and Miami, and works on exemplifying the idea of shadows and other forms of light, and starts using aluminum and other non-traditional media. Establishes his studio in the Wynwood Art District of Miami and starts depicting the idea of multiplicity both conceptually and aesthetically by pushing the boundaries of the traditions of portraiture, still lives, and landscapes. 2003, starts working on emphasizing fragments of texts and phrases capturing moments of time. 2004, researches ways to bring together various forms of media into painting, using thread, paper, wood, wire, aluminum, polycarbonate... and other alternative media into painting. 2008, expands into architecture, design and photo intervention. 2015 - 2018, travels to Mexico in order to create a new graphic body of work on Amate paper, a pre-hispanic artisanal hand made paper technique, creating a new body of work based on the combination of the traditional and the contemporary. His work has been exhibited at international group shows, biennials, museums, art fairs and galleries. Lives and works between Miami, Spain and Mexico.