Javier Rey is a Colombian artist & photographer. His work has been shown in many collective exhibitions, one solo exhibition and several international art fairs such as ArtLima (Peru), Scope Art Fair (Miami) and La Feria Del Millón (Colombia). Rey's work has also appeared in books such as "Unlocked", by the Greek collective Atopos, and was chosen as one of the 145 most relevant visual artists and photographers on the web in 2015. His photographs in which he explores the physical structure and the possibilities of sculpture through photography have been featured in several publications in Colombia, USA, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Denmark and other countries.


El mundo atónito (the world thunderstruck)

An insipid notion (The astonished world) is a collection of unreal experiences caused by the feeling of late and inexperienced love, and the inability to fully know the experience of a love open to the world, public, without shame. "The lover is then separated from the world,  he un realizes it because he fantasizes, on the other hand, the adventures or utopias of his love; he surrenders to the Image, in relation to which everything disturbs him" (Lacan)

Abismarse (Engulfment)

The first encounter I had with the abyss, was arriving to a place that does not exist, a point suspended in time where I am without being. An unreal world expands in front of me, everything here is stripped of identity; it’s a void with volumes and textures in which I transit. The abyss is not aggressive, it is not violent, and it is not tangible, but it exists: “Is the abyss no more than an expedient annihilation? It would not be difficult for me to read the abyss, not as a repose, but as an emotion. I mask my mourning by an evasion; I dilute myself, I swoon in order to escape that density, that clogging which makes me into a responsible subject: I come out: it is ecstasy.”

All the voluptuousness of the earth (All The Delights Of The Earth)

All the voluptuousness of the earth is a series that represents the end of an abyss, my last encounter with the abyss; The moment I leave it It is a fully satisfying approach. An explosion that transports you from an inert world, to a world full of joy and exhilaration. - Joy wants itself, it wants eternity, the repetition of the same things, it wants everything to remain eternally the same (Nietzsche) -

Amorfismos (amorphisms)

Amorphisms explore the distorted and negative self-image, which is constructed and mutated from emotions, lived experiences and interaction with others. Assuming that these mental images are often false and altered, I am interested in examining mine. When inquiring into my perception, I recognize the body as an uncomfortable and changing mass, as an object that I inhabit and deteriorates with use, a weight that I have to drag like something alien and annoying. This project is the transition from a mental image to a concrete image and starts from a doubt: not being able to identify myself with something that is constantly changing, looking for myself and finding only a misshapen lump that moves and breathes. My starting point is photography, which allows me to explore my self-image and reconstruct it, resulting in a mass of skins that clump together in space.

Memories (Recordings)

Recordings is a collection series of experiences with different men who have passed through my life sporadically. During this process, I collect the peak moment of joy, the ecstasy of orgasm, on a light-sensitive sheet of paper, which is later revealed and recorded.