Mauricio Velez- Was born and lives in Colombia He has been a photographer for 28 years. Mauricio Velez was trained at the European Institute of Design in Italy. Since then, he has worked on a very large number of projects in Latin America, the United States, and Spain, offering, through his personal prism, images were he means to refine the sensitivity and perception of the viewer towards art and the human body, elevate them to an aesthetic level that can either inspire or disturb, but whose intention is to confront the viewer with an image.


Half Angels Half Demons

The angel is a being that religion has bequeathed us as a sign of purity, innocence, and goodness, from the same source, we have been sold to the devil as the form that represents evil par excellence, and at all times we have used between the duality of what's good and bad. Goodness, evil, naivety, and sin, a diatribe that has ruled humanity for as long as we can think back. This sample, beyond being a judgment, is the gaze of a creator who, after more than 30 years dedicated to portraiture, has managed to know, experience, and interpret many of the facets of the HUMAN feeling.

"In a few photographers like Mauricio Velez does aesthetic become ethic. Every portrait scene is seamless. Every composition is an impeccable piece: the light, gesture, even the preference in models. Nothing can be discredited of the photographic style nor the clean technique. And for this aesthetic perfection, the message lands to the viewer in its pure state."

Belleza y Fantasia


Colored Landscape

 In this series the artist found that the rocks were so round that they looked like prehistoric holes, each one telling a story and reflecting a bit of her soul.