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Mikael kenta artist



Mikael Kenta is a fashion and art photographer based in Sweden and Milan, Italy.
Merging his art and profession to a new level, the continuous quest for higher quality productions, and the drive to control the outcome of his artwork has resulted in a deep understanding and insight into the process of fine art printing.

Kenta, started off behind the camera working as a photographer long before he ma a name for himself as a fashion model and later a Tv personality in Italian Tv.


The Materia Series

Ibiza Series

“People from Ibiza” Kenta first came to visit the magic island of Ibiza as a young man at the age of 18 and fell in love with the diversity of personalities and expressions of freedom. In 2017 Kenta was based 6 months on the Island and got to meet and photograph some of the most fascinating characters and faces that made a  strong impression on him. His encounters resulted in a series of portraits “People from Ibiza”

The Iconic Series

The “Iconic” series was presented as part of the exhibition “Walk of Inspiration” showed in Stockholm in 2016. These vibrant unique color images are an homage to the “kitsch pop surrealism".




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