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Chiromorphose Series

This work explores the sculptural capacities of the hands. Stripping them from their symbolism or the functions for which they are normally used, I explored them like someone examining a foreign body, searching for their limits and pushing them in different directions. To do this, I used opposed sculptural concepts like straight-curved, and simple-complex; searched for the interconnection between fingers, and the balance between distances, and tried to generate geometric shapes and textures. At times, I would find shapes that were like doors opening onto a myriad of new possibilities. Throughout the process, I discovered a world of fingers that transformed reality taking it to another level.




Nico Baixa artist


Nico Baixas, also known as Gos-com-fuig, is a creative interdisciplinary artist from Spain, whose work focuses solely on the hands. Born into a family of puppeteers, Nico started performing at a very young age with his parent's company, La Claca, which collaborated with the famous painter Joan Miró. As a result, Nico spent most of his childhood in art museums. Inspired by the works of Calder, Giacometti, Mondrian, Lewitt, and others, decides to pursue an artistic career studying music and working in cinema, before finding his path as a performer in the European avant-garde theater scene. 

In 2014 I joined Cirque du Soleil for the creation of KURIOS which became one of the company's most acclaimed shows, performing in New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Rome, among other cities.

Aside from his career as a performer, Nico develops a more personal line of work which he signs as Gos-com-fuig. With this alter ego, he uses his hands and body to paint and create abstract and figurative photographs, videos, sculptures, and multimedia performances that give the viewer lots of freedom of interpretation, providing the sense of freedom and openness that Nico admired in his early influences. This body of work started with a collection of one thousand hand postures that showcase all the shapes that can be created with two hands. GENERACIONES'07 awarded the project a grant, and it was presented at the ARCO Art Fair in Madrid. Afterward, continued with a photographic exhibition, a book publication, and the development of a multimedia system composed of a computer program and video cameras that allowed him to paint live with projected images of his hands and body.

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