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Carolina Borrero is an artist and plant deconstructor. Her research is based on the need to observe the territory from the coexistence relations that human beings establish with the environment, matter, and other living beings, from there, she dedicates herself to investigating the consequences and transformations that occur in this process.

Cecilia Méndez Casariego was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. Mendez studied at the "Manuel Belgrano" School of Fine Arts where she obtained the title of  "National Master of Drawing" (2002) and Professor of Visual Arts (2005). The artist attended the drawing workshop of Marcia Schvartz at the Ernesto de la Cárcova School of Fine Art, a  construction art clinic with Sergio Bazán and Silvia Gurfein. In 2013 she is selected to participate in the Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires. In 2017, he participated in the IV Conference on Performance Research in Anthropology of the Body at the Paco Urondo Cultural Center, U.B.A. She has participated in different individual and group exhibitions in Argentina.


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The artist's works take the human body to address universal problems linked to identity, vulnerability, and transformation. The artworks are inspired by photographs from newspapers and magazines and are made with household materials such as aluminum foil, sulphite, cotton, and cold porcelain in order to create access to collective memory. The artist makes a personal reading of today's society through the chosen images, she observes humanity, its behaviors, and problems.  The bodies exhibited in her work relate that the human condition that manifests itself, that claims for others, then they join each other and become one.  Both in paintings and sculptures, these bodies go through a process of transmutation.  They are covered, diluted, faded, covered, and wrapped over the bodily appearance.  Finally, from this transformation, the artist creates her own mythology.

Invasive Gardens



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