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David Jay was born in Oakland, CA, and has spent most of his life between Australia, California, and New York City. A fashion photographer for much of his career, his work has been featured in international editions of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Style, Shape, and countless others. Jay is widely known for his long-term personal projects capturing often unseen aspects of humanity including The SCAR Project, The Unknown Soldier, The Alabama Project, Grief Camp, and Naked Lakes. His work has been exhibited and acquired by institutions including The Museum of Fine Art Houston, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro Brazil), The Phillips Collection, The Library of Congress, among others. David Jay's work gives a unique and intimate perspective on how we define beauty. A confrontation between the perception of beauty and the transitory nature of existence, Jay’s subjects, muses, and warriors, reside within the unseen domain of the human narrative.


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Although a great deal of David Jay's body of work focuses on often hidden aspects of the human condition.  loss, pain, suffering, war. . . He constantly reminds himself that the opposite is also true: Thankfully, at every moment.  There is also great beauty, levity, freedom, and love. RED! is his ode to that.