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Miami Skin Series

The 'Miami Skin Series' it’s not a traditional collection of photos about the architecture of Miami and Miami Beach. It’s rather a quick journey between its own skin from the Art Deco District to the modern skyline of our days. Stripes, circles, squares, and reflections show only some details of important buildings but they all have the power to raise emotions and unexpected shapes and volumes inside us. A final touch is reserved for nature skin from the ocean to the tropical vegetation. You need now to make an effort of imagination to discover and compose all pictures and eventually frame it in your own mind.

A Fatal Pass Series

These photos were shown at the exhibition "A Fatal Pass at the Wolfsonian FIU Museum in 2015". The Exhibition was part of Myth and Machine: The First World War in Visual Culture curated by Jon Mogul at The FIU Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach FL -USA. The photos were taken on the Stelvio Pass in Italy and captured the visual remains of WW1 trenches.

Touching The Skin of The Past Series

Touching the skin of the past is an extraordinary collection of Roman Statues captured with the ICM technique in order to make the marble skin like a truly human body. "Touching the skin of the past I can feel the blood flow under the marble. Feel the warmth under the cold. And history rises up with a breath of lust".