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Michael James O’Brien draws inspiration from his diverse roles as a photographer, poet, and activist. His work often intersects with themes of identity, social justice, and cultural commentary. O’Brien's photography has been showcased globally and featured in prestigious publications, highlighting his ability to capture the human experience with depth and nuance. His involvement in activism, particularly with HIV/AIDS awareness and support, further informs his artistic perspective, making his work both impactful and deeply personal.

Kouros Series

Matthew Barney Series

Matthew Barney describes the last and final part of the cycle as a lyric opera of a tragic love story set against the romantic backdrop of Budapest. The main characters in the epic are the Queen of Chains and the magician and escape artist Harry Houdini.

In Spite of dreams Series

A combination of analogue and digital compositions based on ideas from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, deconstructed and subverted to my own narrative. MJO, 2021

Girlfriend Series

“So the object brings the subject to life not in its relative presence, but in its irreducible absence.”

- Jean Baudrillaud, Integral Reality

Still-life Series

Opalina Series