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Paloma Castello born 1988 Bogotá, Colombia.
I use my work to bring life or a different narrative to an object’s past. I’m interested in playing with memory and relating it to the present, creating an atmosphere between reality and fiction. My family and social background have a powerful influence on my work. I grew up surrounded by objects and anecdotes inherited from my ancestors that inspire endless surreal stories. My work emerges from these experiences; they are evidence of my “auto-fiction”.

"Paloma Castello presents to us a nostalgia-filled body of work. The collection represents the soul of her proposal: inherited objects discovered or found that have become the tip of the iceberg of her past. These are elements she collects, recollects, and then classifies following a method that frames her anachronic attitude that proves as evidence of the youth of her art.
She also demonstrates that the experimentations on herself are common in an artist who’s just beginning her career. Without a doubt, this resource, valid and true becomes the road that determines the experimental character of the author.


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Delirio Exótico

Castello's “Exotic Delirium” series pays tribute to the constant hybridization and miscegenation, to the richness that springs from the intersection of different universes, to the possibility of cohabitation and the need for adaptation, and to the landscape as a historical and a dynamic composition where dreams, reality, and fiction are interwoven.

The Dis-enchanted 

The artist has always liked divas and femmes-fatales. My grandmothers spoke often of these actresses and admired them openly as if they were real. They created a collective imagination, which inspired the wonderful illusion that the universe they inhabited was real. The problem was, that they never told me the truth about them and I always had a distorted 61 image of these divas. I was forever duped.


Castelloland works with objects whose uniqueness proves to be fundamental to the piece’s narrative in each story because each piece reacts and happens through the word and object interaction. This series is composed by more than 30 small format photographs and the stories that are linked to them that sway between fiction and reality." – Text by Estefania Sokoloff.


Paloma Castello's Tropicarios is an invitation to experience a space in which the fiction and her memories of the tropics blend together to create a personal approximation between our own fictions and those of the artist.





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