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Discover the SHUG Exhibition: A Diverse Fusion of Artistic Brilliance

SHUG exhibition
Casey Waterman: Gold Leaf Series

Salvatore Arnone: Balance Series

Angelica Tcherassi: We are One Series

Rodrigo Spinel: Terms And Conditions Series

The Art Design Project gallery is proud to present its latest exhibition, "SHUG: Soul, Mind, and Intellect." Running from September 17th to October 22nd, 2022, this extraordinary collection showcases works on paper, mixed media, and photography prints by four exceptional artists - Casey Waterman, Rodrigo Spinel, Angelica Tcherassi, and Salvatore Arnone.

Casey Waterman: Three's Company, 2019

Casey Waterman's "Three's Company" is a masterpiece in works on paper, showcasing his exceptional talent with gold leaf. The intricate details and exquisite use of color create a mesmerizing visual experience for the viewer. Each stroke tells a story, inviting the audience to dive into the depths of the artwork.

Rodrigo Spinel: Term and Conditions, 2021

In "Term and Conditions," Rodrigo Spinel ventures into the realm of intervened prints, pushing the boundaries of traditional art. His unique approach captivates the observer, provoking thought and sparking curiosity. Spinel's work challenges preconceptions, inviting viewers to explore new perspectives.

Angelica Tcherassi: We Are One Series, 2022

Angelica Tcherassi's "We Are One" series offers a limited edition collection of prints that resonate with a sense of unity and harmony. Her art exudes a profound connection to the human experience, capturing moments of shared emotion and understanding. Tcherassi's work invites contemplation on the interconnectedness of all beings.

Salvatore Arnone: The Balance Series, 2022

Salvatore Arnone's "The Balance" series delves into the world of mixed-media photography. Through a masterful combination of various mediums, Arnone creates captivating visuals that explore the delicate equilibrium of existence. His work reflects on the interplay between light and shadow, stability and flux.

Exploring the Exhibit

The SHUG exhibition provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of these talented artists. Visitors can explore and even acquire these extraordinary pieces through our website,, or by following us on Instagram at @theartdesignprojectgallery.

About The Art Design Project Gallery

The Art Design Project gallery is a beacon for the convergence of art and design, representing both emerging and established artists. Our curated physical and online exhibitions, along with pop-up events worldwide, offer patrons direct access to a diverse selection of art. Whether from the artists we represent, our archives, or our online partners, there is something for every discerning art enthusiast.

Power of Artistic Expression

The SHUG exhibition at The Art Design Project Gallery is a testament to the power of artistic expression in various forms. Casey Waterman, Rodrigo Spinel, Angelica Tcherassi, and Salvatore Arnone have crafted works that transcend the ordinary, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of contemplation and discovery.

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